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Both local (urbana) and long distance (interurbana) calls require the proper area code before dialling the number; for example, to place a call within Rome you must dial 06 + phone number, to call Rome from Florence dial 06 + phone number and to call Florence from Rome dial 055 + phone number.

Italy uses the GSM cellular phone system; to use the network you must first set up global roaming service with your service provider back home. It is also possible to rent a cellphone for the period of your vacation.

The most economical way to call home is to use one of the pre-paid international phone cards available for purchase at most newstands or tabacchi.

Useful Emergency Telephone Numbers

  •  12 for Phone Directory Assistance
  • 112 for Carabinieri service
  • 113 for Emergency Police Help
  • 115 for the Fire Department
  • 116 for the A.C.I. (Italian Automobile Club) for road side assistance
  • 118 for Medical Emergencies
  • 176 for International Inquires


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