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FerrariGetting around Italy is generally easy and efficient, thanks to the country’s excellent rail network. But even though much of Italy is served by train, there are certainly plenty of towns which don’t have a train station. If you take the train you need to validate the ticket before your board. You will find the yellow machines at the top on the track or at the entrance of the train station.

Buy your bus/tram tickets for public transportation before boarding. You usually can not buy tickets for public transportation on-board and most likely you will not find ticket machines next to the stop. Purchase your tickets at the nearest newspaper stand or tobacco shop. Remember to always validate your ticket. On buses and trams you can validate the tickets using the dedicated machine.


If you are renting, you are liable to pay a hefty ticket.  It is a legal requirement for all foreigners driving in Italy to obtain an International Driver's Permit (IDP; not to be confused with the International Drivers License) and many rental car companies are now starting to require it. Besides having an international driver's permit, it is helpful to be aware of local driving restrictions. Make sure you respect the speed limits. Contrary to general assumptions, and especially in recent years, police have gotten very strict about speeding.They will not stop you, but just send a picture of your licence plate to the car owner. Take special note of the sign marked "ZTL". This stands for "Zona Traffico Limitato" or Limited Traffic Area. Only locals with special permits are allowed to drive in these areas. This is usually controlled using police cameras which will take a picture of your car and mail the bill at a later date (as much as 6 months to 2 years after the fact). Most rental companies will have your credit card on file and charge as soon as the ticket is sent.Everyone else will be fined if they try to drive in ZTL (limited traffic area). Like speeding, this is monitored with cameras and automatic charges are processed on the credit card left with the rental car company.

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