Trieste and Miramare Castle

Written by Natascia

Trieste Il Castello di Miramare


The Province of Trieste is situated towards the end of a narrow strip of land in southeast Friuli Venezia Giulia, between the Adriatic Sea and Italy's border with Slovenia. This is an extraordinary destination for its historic treasures, artworks and its middle-European character. It inspired important writers such as Rilke, Joyce, and Svevo.

Off Trieste's coast is its broad Gulf, with numerous tiny bays, small harbors and breathtaking reefs; and of course Miramare Castle is accompanied by the splendid blue of the sea.

The area of Trieste is characterized by the steep karstic landscape continually revealing different, amazing and charming features. Close to the coast is a rocky moor with Mediterranean vegetation, where the Bora wind blows, while inland are hills with hollows and scrubs.

Protected areas include the Val Rosandra Nature Reserve; the Marine Reserve of Miramare, within a coastal sea landscape of sharp rocks and a wide variety of underwater flora and fauna; and the Falesie di Duino Nature Reserve, with white cliffs overhanging the sea.

In the Karstic area of Trieste, be sure to catch impressive natural wonders, including the renowned Grotta Gigante, the inlets of the River Timavo with their green and flourishing banks, or the characteristic Percedol Sinkhole, a unique valley rich in flourishing vegetation. Intriguing caves and grottoes, largely unexplored, also lie in wait.

The charm of the area resides not only in its natural traits, but also in the elegant city of Trieste, where the Habsburg influence is noticeable; the inland small towns with their longstanding traditions; and other quaint touristic draws on the coast - countless gems set within this tiny strip of land.

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